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The new TPS-1 low-cost Solution Kit allows a simple and efficient PROFINET IRT design with the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device chip. In addition to the TPS-1 board, the kit features a passive adapter board for simple connectivity to almost any MCU, one DVD with software and several cables.

The BOM optimized TPS-1 board runs the latest PROFINET IRT software. The passive adapter board features several connectors that expose the GPIOs and additional control signals from the TPS-1 board. It allows developers to build a simple I/O application by just adding the PROFINET connectivity and without investing in additional hardware. Application notes describe, how the connections should be realized for Renesas RX630, RX231 and Synergy S7G2 MCUs.

The software package from Phoenix Contact Software includes the latest 1.4 version of the PROFINET IRT stack based on the PROFINET specification V2.31. The pre-certified stack eases the PROFINET certification process significantly. All software tools like firmware updater, a software PROFINET controller, host drivers and service programs come at no additional cost.

The host drivers for the high-performance Synergy S7G2 MCU Group give system designers access to the Synergy MCU’s connectivity and superior security features. The host drivers for Renesas’ RX630 and RX231 MCUs on the other hand, offer a wide choice of Renesas MCUs for various application requirements.

For full product information, please visit the TPS-1 web page.

You can download the TPS-1 Solution Kit Flyer here.

For support issues contact the TPS-1 Support Team.

You can download PROFINET TPS-1 Development Toolkit from the Phoenix Contact Software website.

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