E2 Emulator Lite

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The E2 emulator Lite (abbreviated name: E2 Lite) is a new on-chip debugging emulator and flash programmer for MCUs of the RX and RL78 families.

The E2 emulator Lite is more economical than the E1 emulator.
Since the target interface is compatible with that for the E1 emulator, it is connectable to boards designed for the E1 emulator.

Optional parts for the E1 emulator, such as isolators, are also usable with the E2 emulator Lite.
IDEs and compilers which are usable with the E2 emulator Lite are not restricted to Renesas products but include products from partner companies. The E2 emulator Lite is suitable for the whole range from professional development to hobbyist projects and education.


For information about the complementary IDE E2Studio, watch the video below.

Full product information can be found here.

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