Stream it! – RZ now in new version 2.0!

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The second generation of the very popular Stream-it! – RZ solution kit has been improved in four dimensions. First, Stream-it! – RZ - V2.0 features a much more feature-rich RZ/A embedded MPU (eMPU), called RZ/A1-LU. Second, in addition to the camera module, the solution kit now comes with a touch enabled 4.3 inch TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) module and an optional Wi-Fi module required for many of the streaming centric quick start guide applications. Third, the related software offering, including many downloadable source code packages has been vastly extended. And last, but not least, the eMPU main board has been enriched with additional functionality, while remaining software compatible.

The Stream it! – RZ solution kit is an out-of-the-box evaluation and development platform for streaming applications, such as IP based video and radio streams, as well as security applications, such as video surveillance and video/fingerprint based access control.

Stream-it! – RZ is also best suited for all kinds of web server based applications in the home automation, energy and industrial automation segments.

In order to enable a fast development ramp, Renesas provides several related application specific quick start guides, complete with sample software and easy-to-follow set-up instructions.

To learn more about the RZ solution watch the video introduction below.

Full product information is available here.

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