Renesas Detector Solution Kit for RL78I1D

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The Renesas Detect-IT Solution Kit provides an ideal platform for evaluating detector devices based on the Renesas RL78/I1D. Included in the kit are:

o Glass Break detector demo (uses noise detection)

o Carbon monoxide detector demo (using a chemical sensor)

o Motion detector demo (using PIR)

o Smoke detector demo (uses infrared light)

All boards are processing the measurement coming from sensors using the new Renesas RL78/I1D. This MCU boasts super low power consumption and integrates 4 channels of operational amplifier, coupled with 2 comparator channels in order to enhance processing capabilities.

Also included are full gerber files and schematics for each demonstration board, as well as C source files for the demonstration programmes.

Full product information is available here. For a quick introduction, watch the video tutorial by following the link below.

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