Renesas Synergy™ Platform S124 Development kit

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The Renesas Synergy™ DK-S124 Development Kit is host to the Synergy S1 Series S124 MCU, which was architected from the ground up to be power-efficient on an ultra-low power silicon process with a smart mix of analog and digital peripherals. The DK-S124 is a perfect base hardware platform to access all the pins and features of the MCU, as well as providing the means to make precision measurement of the MCU current consumption in all modes of operation. A quiet circuit noise environment enables solid prototyping and measurements of the analog features of the S124 MCU. DK-S124 offers many features and expansion capabilities, including a Bluetooth® Low Energy radio to connect to mobile internet devices.

- Full access to all Synergy S124 MCU pins, features and SSP

- Easy power measurement capabilities to explore the ultra-low power operation of the S124 MCU in various operating modes

- Expansion through pin row connectors and 1 Pmod™ connectors

- Wireless connectivity

    - BLE 4.0 on board + many options through 2 Pmod connectors

- Wired connectivity

    - USBFS device

    - RS232/RS485 and CAN through screw-in connectors

- Capacitive touch buttons, one slider

- Memory on-chip 128-KB flash + 16-KB SRAM

- Debugging and programming through J-Link® On-Board (OB)

To learn more about the Renesas Synergy Platform please visit the interactive Synergy Explorer tool online here, or the Renesas Synergy home page.

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Full product information is available here.

Getting started guide  and   application note

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