Renesas Synergy™ Platform S3A7 Development kit

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The DK-S3A7 is a development kit for the Renesas Synergy™ S3A7 48-MHz ARM® Cortex® -M4 microcontroller in a LQFP144 package. It contains two boards: the Main Board and the Breakout Board. The boards together provide easy-to-access interfaces and connectors for all peripherals of the S3A7 for application development and testing: USB Host and Device, SEGGER J-Link on-board debug, three Pmod™ compatible connectors, an SD card connector and multiple LED indicators.

- Main board with Breakout board and DIP switches for selecting features

- Pin connectors for access to all S3A7 I/O pins

- LCD display

- Wired connectivity

    - One each: Full Speed USB Host and Device and CAN interface, RS-232/485

- Wireless connectivity through on-board Bluetooth® Low-Energy (BLE)

- Support for precision current measurement

- On-board memory and memory interfaces

    - Serial flash, EEPROM, Full-size SD card connector and QSPI flash

- On-board sensors: Compass, accelerometer, ambient light, temperature

- Capacitive-touch sensor expansion port

- ARM® Debug connector and SEGGER J-Link On-Board

To learn more about the Renesas Synergy Platform please visit the interactive Synergy Explorer tool online here, or the Renesas Synergy home page.

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Full product information is available here.

Quick Start Guide  and  User Manual

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