RL78/L1A Promotion board, demonstration with oscilloscope and signal generator

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The Renesas Promotion board for RL78/L1A is the perfect board for first evaluation on the new device. The board includes a dot matrix display, on-chip debugging emulator and has rich Analog features.

The reference application is showing a demonstration with oscilloscope and signal generator functions plus data logging.

Key Features
•Using the RL78/L1A LCD device with rich analog features of 12-bit ADC & DAC, comparators and R2R OPAMP multiplex function.
•Ultra Low power mode with intelligent smart features like DTC and ELC to reduce CPU load.
•128 x 128 Colour Dot Matrix PMOD Display used for GUI control and demo display.
•Header extender - option it is possible to connect some LCD with direct drive.

More detailed product information can be found here.

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