RX231 Hear it! Solution Kit – Audio DSP Demonstration

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An excellent choice for your next audio project using the DSP capabilities of the RX231 MCU:

  • Sampling input from audio jack via codec and Serial Sound Interface SSI
  • Streaming audio from USB mass storage
  • Headphone and/or speaker output from codec via SSI
  • Using DSP capabilities of the RX231 for signal filtering

The Hear-it! Solution Kit demonstrates the application of the DSP signal filtering capabilities of the RX231 to an audio source, which is then made available from the on-board headphone or speaker connections. A total of 4 pre-set filters are available, applicable to either channel and the chosen characteristic is displayed on the PMOD™ display. A second configuration of the sample code demonstrates the streaming of audio from a mass-storage device connected to the USB host interface, where a simple GUI and input controls allow the selection of the wav file to be played. The board includes an embedded E2 Lite programmer/debugger and would be an ideal platform to be used as a basis for further development.

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