Solution Kits

Designed to help you make the most of our MCUs with reference design kits offering full license and royalty free rights and evaluation kits which require additional licensing for software, either from Renesas or third parties.

RX231 Hear it! Solution Kit – Audio DSP Demonstration

€158.00 net

Motor control kit for RX220

€184.00 net

Motor Control Kit for RL78G14

€191.00 net

Motor control kit for RX62T

€210.00 net

Motor control kit for RX23T

€222.00 net

Renesas HMI Solution Kit for RX63N

€263.00 net


€276.00 net

Solution Kit for R-IN32M3-EC

€310.00 net

Stream it! – RZ now in new version 2.0!

€344.00 net

Renesas Detector Solution Kit for RL78I1D

€377.00 net

Solution kit for TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device chip

€482.00 net

Connect-it! Ethernet EC-1 Solution Kit

€500.00 net