Starter Kit for R-IN32M3-CL

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The R-IN Evaluation Kit is based on the R-IN 32M3 evaluation board, which enables the evaluation of all the major interfaces that this chip has to offer.

The board is supported by a large set of driver software, middleware and tools. This includes a real-time operating system and a free TCP/IP stack.

Many industrial network protocols have been implemented on the R-IN platform and are available from our partner network.

Please note, there are 4 different versions of this kit.
This is the Y-SK-RIN32M3-CL (CC-Link IE)

There are three other possibilities which we also stock. If you’re looking for another version (see options below) then you can find it using the search tool (top right).

Please check carefully before ordering.

Other Orderable Part Numbers:
Y-SK-RIN32M3-EC  (EtherCAT)
Y-SK-RIN32M3-EC-JL (EtherCAT with J-Link Lite debugger)
Y-SK-RIN32M3-CL-JL ( CC-Link IE with J-Link Lite debugger)

Full product information can be found here.

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